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THIS JOURNAL will be used for...

☞ Occasional commenting in the [community profile] poly_chromatic game in lieu of [personal profile] never_very_good due to curses &c, to avoid having to change userpics, because I am lazy.
☞ Play of vampire!Frankie in other games and venues as the player sees fit
☞ Assorted private RP that doesn't fit anywhere else.
☞ Fic snippets (maybe) if I feel brave, so I don't clutter other places with them. idk

CREDITS AND Disclaimer...

☞ I am not really Frankie Dalton or Michael Dorman and I don't own either of them, or Daybreakers, though I love it and I wish I did. This journal is a work of fiction, I make no money, I just amuse myself 'cause I'm odd like that. Plz don't sue me.

☞ This journal is maintained by Alms, who is also the player of [personal profile] never_very_good. Anyone who needs to contact me can do so through the crit/contact post on that journal.

☞ Icons are mine~ I don't mind if you use them but I'd be much obliged if you'd credit me-- and if you don't mind, drop me a comment here to let me know :3


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